Wednesday, October 30, 2013

On Pork and Pigs

THIS is not meant to violate the elementary norm of good conduct and right manners. Neither is this intended to offend, much less to insult anyone, for that matter. This is but to express anger and disgust at the way public funds end up in private pockets through ghost public projects—categorically contrary to the fundamental rule and practice that public funds are intended for financing public welfare in order to promote the common good.

The normal and continuous thievery of public funds is particularly detestable and lamentable, considering that it is mostly coming from the direct and indirect taxes paid by millions of poor Filipinos who are infallibly taxed not only when they earn but also when they spend, when they live, and when they die due to cost of burial. The graft and corrupt practices in conjunction with public funds become more disappointing and lamentable particularly now that someone in command of the government repeatedly and loudly proclaims that he is the incarnation of integrity and righteousness through the mantra of “Matuwid na Daan.”

So is it that there are rallies here and there—pealing bells included—against the Pork Barrel System and other cryptic expressions like PDAF, DAP and what have you. Different groups joined the past rallies with big “Abolish Pork” banners, placards and masks. More rallies are being prepared.

So it is that the Supreme Court is deliberating on the constitutionality of the system—its pseudonyms or equivalent. Even MalacaƱang repeatedly professes that it is against Pork Barrel, except the enormous and ominous one under the direct disposal of the Chief-in-Command himself.

So it is that there is now the People’s Initiative for the scrapping of the same gross, elaborate and pervasive scam. The emerging plan is to gather the required number of signatures in favor of the move in order to formally and permanently get rid of the Pork Barrel System and its siblings.

But here’s the nagging question:  So what if the pork is gone but the pigs remain?

The above question is neither intended as a mere joke nor simply meant to have fun.  It is in fact equivalent to a statement that more than just doing away with the object of thievery, what is really needed is to get rid of the thieves. To say it in another way, it is not enough merely to do away with the pork. It is necessary to get rid of the pigs. And this means all the pigs from the top to the bottom of the government. How? Let those who love their country, who cares for their fellowmen, who want a better future for their children, decide. It’s their concern. It’s their option. It’s their move.

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