Thursday, June 07, 2012

Using marriage?

OF late US President Barack Obama came out of the closet and announced that he is for same-sex marriage. He said that was the conclusion of his long period of “evolving.”
Many political observers, however, say that he originally was for it, then against it, then was reconsidering, and then at present is for it again. They say this flip-flopping is a reaction of a political animal to changing political conditions.
Indeed, changing political conditions needs a shifting of political strategies.  During his electoral campaign he convinced the majority that he will change the plummeting US economy to one that was rosy.  But he miserably failed despite a whooping $775 billion or so economic stimulus package and subsequent financial schemes.  Since he could not make a dint with the US economy, could it be tactical that he now is trying his luck in changing marriage and other anti-life issues—which many Americans will just be too happy about and willingly retain him for another term at the White House?
Be that as it may, but marriage is not a political issue that has to be defined, and its problems resolved, solely or mainly in a political way. Marriage has a universal, immutable nature, applicable to all regardless of race, gender and whatever condition one may be in. When nature of things is involved, we just accept it, we don’t redefine it.
Marriage simply has to be a stable relationship between a man and a woman. That’s simply the nature of sex and marriage. It is not a religious imposition.  Of course, people can have varying understanding of the nature of sex and marriage, and so we just have to undertake a continuing discussion, clarification and formation.  
But we just cannot stop at the level of “that-is-your-stand-and-this-is-mine,” since the issue at hand is not a matter of opinion or personal preferences. It binds everyone to conform to this nature of sex and marriage.
There are things that we cannot and should not tamper. Marriage is one of them. Everything has to be done to strengthen it. Those who violate them, while we always have to be charitable and fair, should be dealt with clearly, and even strongly.
It’s worse when a politician, the likes of a US President who heads a country that when it sneezes other countries gets cold, tinkers with mostly moral issues to tactically gain political leverage.

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