Thursday, May 27, 2010

The matter of truth

THE President of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines and Tandag Bishop Nereo Odchimar is right when he dared whistleblowers to substantiate allegations of election fraud with solid proof or else drop the claims.

Indeed, if there is solid evidence such allegations should be taken seriously and duly investigated. Otherwise they may be taken as fishing expeditions that can end up ruining the very democratic process for which the polls are established in the first place.

But so far, no substantial evidence has yet been presented whether in the media or in the ongoing congressional inquiries. All the allegations were mere rhetorics verging on the hearsay and the speculative.

The sad part of the masked whistleblower is that he is masked. The first requirement of credibility is identity. Hiding ones face to look like a marsupial is more entertaining than credible that even demeans allegations into mere conjectures and therefore half-truths—which by any measure do not bear any truth at all.

Cowardice and truth do not go together. Which is why failing to unmasked oneself for fear of losing ones face or favor is a betrayal of truth. But worse should be the lot of a man who hides his face not because of cowardice but because of grandiose and tactical political agenda to tip the balance in a complex struggle for power.

But no matter, truth will always be truth.

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