Saturday, August 02, 2008

State of the Nation not addressed

IT has become treacherous and dangerous. That is how satirically, if obliquely, Archbishop Oscar Cruz describes the latest State of the Nation Address (SONA) in his blog, pointing to deployment of the hundreds of policemen, contingents of the Armed Forces geared for battle and throngs of street rallies and protest actions. Because, come to think of it, why prepare for a literal battle ground if all is well—if nothing is really treacherous and dangerous?

And it makes more sense when the Archbishop adds: “Since 2001, the State of the Nation Address has always been great in words but puny in realities—earning prepared claps in the bubble house called Congress while getting many and loud insults outside in the real world.”

But sincerely, one may perhaps understand how difficult it must be to deliver a SONA when everything is in shambles. That is why some radio commentators understandably just settled talking about the latest fashion of the ladies in Congress during the SONA, their designers, hairdressers and make-up artists for lack of sensible content. This is kind of reminiscent of martial law when well-meaning people busied themselves talking about the games of PBA to conveniently drown themselves of stark and painful realities.

But as if our burdens of the day are not enough, here comes the issue of the Reproductive Health Bills being pursued in congress. One knows, of course, that there are more to this that meets the eye. Basically, this is maneuvered by global agenda to decelerate the population of poor countries, especially non-white nations, in the guise of development. There is nothing substantially wrong with it except that, and more so in fact, demographic goals or rather the pursuit of it infringes on morals, human rights and, believe or not, imperialism.

Morals because, obviously, this will entail eventually murdering defenseless fetuses; human rights, because the so-called “reproductive rights” are actually accomplished ironically through a systematic violation of the rights of the unborn; and, imperialism because its operational agenda is dictated by global institutions that finances heavily in political lobbies, massive media campaign and the subtle establishment and support of people’s organizations that work on the grassroots—and even within the parameters of churches.

These well-fed and well-funded people’s organizations that call themselves pro-quality of life advocates (there is one that questionably even hold office in Congress—how did they do that?— to make sure that lobby funds roll tactically according to the scheme) have been relentlessly attacking the bishops for crusading against these bills now pending in Congress. They call the bishops liars by spreading disinformation (really?), irresponsible for withholding communion to public sinners, and arrogant for not attending to the plight of the masses who are suffering in poverty because of over population. Because money is thicker than water, these tirades from such organizations are understandable. And nobody should judge them for that in the face of pitiful the Philippine economy that drives people to do even the awkward and the impossible.

But what is sorely pitiful is their blurb that the cause poverty in the Philippines is overpopulation. This myth is false and heavily worn-out, even Mang Ando down the street, who knows about anomalies and corruption in government, does not believe this anymore. It is like blaming the hunger of children on themselves while their father is out gambling and drinking or junketing.

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