Saturday, October 06, 2007

mega corruptions

ENDEMIC it has been even in previous dispensations, corruption is best characterized in this incumbent administration where blatant administrative robberies have been done with neither finesse nor poise. At first blush, one is amazed at the courage and daring of supposedly reputable government people grabbing potential millions of dollars in broad daylight—as what one may see in the recent National Broadband Network anomaly.

On second blush, however, one realizes that to be able to launch mega corrupt operations without any qualms verges on the pathological where neither mores nor morals are any of the considerations. Methinks that the godfather—or godmother as any case maybe—of these operations maybe good cases of psychological studies.
Except that such operations are too brave to shame even the underworld, this could be tactical, too. Because when one’s survival is the supreme agenda one has to strategically raise tremendous amount of money to buyout all blocks if only to save one’s neck and hold on to so much power—and veer away from the probability of an itinerary from palace to prison or from Hawaii to Paoay, which was true of predecessors.

While all these are plausible, it maybe that the punishment from the gods are now befalling on some high government officials for making eighty millions or so Filipinos undergo undeserved suffering for quite some time now.

Lord Acton said it best when he stated that power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely—because, indeed, morality lessens when power increases. In the Philippines, however, power tends to condemn. Leaders who assumed so much power were condemned by the very power they thought could glorify them.

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