Tuesday, January 09, 2007

welcoming the new year

SOOTHSAYERS, psychics and fortune-tellers always conquer the horizons as if by natural flow of things at the onset of every year, like political analysts whenever elections are drawing near. Each to his own authority, the forebodings would either be this or that and everybody would take it as a matter of course; but mostly the superstitious who is almost everybody despite 400 years or so of Christianity in this country.

The traditional message of the Holy Father, Pope Benedict the XVI, for the World Day of Peace 2007, which is what the Church yearns every New Year, strongly asserts that the human person is the heart of peace. “I am convinced,” says the Pontiff, “that the respect for the person promotes peace and that, in building peace, the foundations are laid for an authentic integral humanism.” True, indeed, for ultimately it is not for the sake of law or ideology per se that governance should proceed, but for sake of men—without prejudice, of course, to the philosophical maxim first posted by Aristotle.

With the local elections just around the corner, it should not be hard to foretell even without the crystal ball that the first two quarters of 2007 will be utterly violent and noisy. Politics being still the dirtiest and most destructive endeavor in this country, one thinks that even the rule law, the conviction of ideological principles and philosophy—and even religion—are becoming inutile and toothless in bringing this country back on tract.

Nobody is hopeless. Or desperate, because that is not even the issue. But many of the living are likely to expire without ever seeing the dawn.

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