Thursday, December 02, 2004

typhoon is coming

again, i woke up to the news that a super typhoon is coming. it's center wind measure to 185kph. really super. in manila, schools at all levels have suspended classes. and so is the color coding scheme of metro manila development authority. landfall is estimated to happen shortly after lunch. right now, location of typhoon yoyong is about a hundred km east of catanduanes.

the media is noisy--as usual. well, mainstream media survive on noise, just like the communist party of the philippines. the more noice the better. it means more money. well, in fairness, it is the only entity now that's moving in the face of a government that does nothing, but talk.

because of the rating game among giant networks, we were able to witness first hand the victims of the last typhoon. i saw them on tv yesterday over abs-cbn. this network brougth satellite dishes, about four or five of them, to victim areas. the other networks could not do this. they were laid flat footed on the ground. this network seem to be getting the limelight and the upper hand. now, we realize, equipments matter. and they better they are, the better then are the chances in the rating game.

right now, everybody is preparing for this eventuality. even government offices will only have a half day of work today. those living in coastal areas have been duly warned. relief services are on their toes. as usual, most of the budget for relief and rehabilitation will find their way to corrupt government officials.

poor filipinos!

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